Specifications of compute instances in Cloud-V

This document contains the specifications of the compute instances available for users to run builds in Cloud-V. The term "Compute Instance", can also be safely interchanged with the terms "Build Executor" and "Runner".

Name String Architecture Cores Memory Compute Instance Type
x86_runner1 (or) qemuusermode_runner1 x86_64 4 8GiB Hardware with application-level emulator
x86_runner2 x86_64 1 512MiB Hardware
dell5559 x86_64 4 8GiB Hardware
rasp4-1 aarch64 4 4GiB Hardware
riscv64_runner1 riscv64 2 2GiB QEMU System emulator
sf1-1 riscv64 2 8GiB Hardware
sf1-2 riscv64 2 8GiB Hardware
sf1-3 riscv64 2 8GiB Hardware
sf2-1 riscv64 4 8GiB Hardware
sf2-2 riscv64 4 8GiB Hardware
sf2-3 riscv64 4 8GiB Hardware
sf2-4 riscv64 4 8GiB Hardware
sf2-5 riscv64 4 8GiB Hardware
unleashed1-1 riscv64 4 8GiB Hardware
unleashed1-2 riscv64 4 8GiB Hardware

Note: The qemuusermode_runner1 and x86_runner1 are one and the same runner. The purpose of creating two separate executors for same hardware is that x86_runner1 is supposed to be specifically for x86 architecture whereas qemuusermode_runner1 is specifically for the users who want to cross compile source code for riscv64 architecture and then use qemu-usermode to execute them. Nevertheless, the tooling available for x86_runner1 can also be used for qemuusermode_runner1