Tools on Cloud-V

Using Environment Modules

Users can use environment modules to load different versions of same program. For using environment modules the pattern is as follows:


For example if you want to load python version 3.9.2 compiled for x86, you will need to use following command:

module load python/3.9.2

For packages compiled for RISC-V architecture host, you will need to append _riscv to package name. For example, for python 3.8.15 compiled for RISC-V, following command will be used.

module load python_riscv/3.8.15

Following are the tools and libraries available in Cloud-V.

Tools on x86_runner1 and qemuusermode_runner1 node

Tools which are mentioned for x86 architecture are able to run onx86_runner2. Tools which are mentioned for RISC-V architecture are able to run on qemuusermode_runner1.

The packages which are supported for QEMU User mode can be used by normal commands once they are loaded.

Here PACKAGE_NAME is the package which you want to run on QEMU user mode.

Operating System: Debian 11 (bullseye)
QEMU User Mode Version: 7.1.0

Tool Versions Installed from Host Architecture Environment Modules Support
RISC-V GNU Linux Toolchain 12.2.0 source x86 N/A
Git source x86 N/A
OpenJDK 19.0.1 apt x86 N/A
GCC 10.4.0, 12.2.0 apt x86 Yes
Python3 3.8.15, 3.9.2 source x86 Yes
Python3 3.8.15 source RISC-V Yes
zlib 1.2.13 source RISC-V N/A
OpenSSL 1.1.1r source RISC-V Yes
Ruby (without IRB) 3.2.0dev source RISC-V Yes
Go 1.18.8 apt x86 N/A
rustc 1.65.0 source RISC-V,x86 N/A
Flex 2.6.4 apt x86 N/A
Flex 2.6.4 source RISC-V yes
Ninja 1.10.1-1 apt x86 N/A
Ninja 1.12.0.git source RISC-V Yes
Bison 3.7.5 apt x86 N/A
Bison 3.8.2, 2.3 source RISC-V Yes
clang 16.0.0 source RISC-V Yes
autoconf 2.69 apt x86 N/A
gperf 2.2.4 apt x86 N/A

Tools on riscv64_runner1 node

This is compute instance with 64-bit RISC-V Linux and it has all the packages ONLY for RISC-V architecture

Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.1 (jammy)
QEMU Linux Version: 7.1.90

Tool Version Installed from
Git 2.34.1 apt
OpenJDK 19.0.1 apt
GCC 11.3.0 apt
Python3 3.10.6 apt
zlib 1.2.11 apt
OpenSSL 3.0.2 apt
Ruby 3.0.2p107 apt
Go 1.18.8 apt
rustc 1.61.0 apt
Flex 2.6.4 apt
Ninja 1.10.1 apt
Bison 3.8.2 apt
autoconf 2.71 apt
gperf 3.1 apt

Tools on hifive_unleashed node

This is compute instance is hifive unleased board and it has all the packages ONLY for RISC-V architecture.

Operating System: Fedora 32 (Rawhide)

Tool Version Installed from
Git 2.23.0 dnf
OpenJDK 11 dnf
GCC 9.2.1 dnf
Python3 3.8.1 dnf
OpenSSL 1.1.1d dnf
Ruby 2.5.1p57 dnf
Go 1.12.2 dnf
rustc 1.66.0 dnf
Flex 2.6.4 dnf
Ninja 1.9.0 dnf
Bison 3.4.1 dnf
autoconf 2.69 dnf